Your Path

Have you ever been ‘pulled’ towards something, to the point where it seems you are being guided, lead or helped in some way?  If so, have you listened to that ‘tug’?
Guidance can also come to us through our inner knowing and higher self, which provides us cues and insight onto choosing paths that support us on all levels.  Ask yourself some powerful questions:
How does the path that you’re on in your life, feel for you? Does it support who are are, what you believe in, your values and what you stand for?
Does the path you are on, support your hopes, dreams, passions and goals in life?
If not, what small step can you take to redirect your navigation and step onto a slightly different path to begin again?
We can always choose again.  So if you feel stuck, or on a path that doesn’t feel right for you, choose again.  Choose something different.  Choose to start again and see what opportunities arise.
Live in the Question 
“Where is my path leading me and what else is possible for me to learn along the way?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am consciously choosing the path I take in my life, and I am open to receiving 
assistance by loving beings and helpers along the way.”

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