Positive Affirmation:  “I choose to visualize the life I want to live each and every day.  Visualizing is fun, easy and powerful.”

Life is full of ups and downs, and transition periods.  When we find ourselves getting caught up in life’s fast pace energy, we sometimes find ourselves focusing on what isn’t working so well for us, instead of focusing on what is working.

What do you truly desire?

When we take a conscious effort to use our visualization skills, we can break that chain and begin to create a more positive outlook on life.

Visualization is SO POWERFUL!  Athletes use these skills to increase their performance and martial arts teach how important using the mind is to connect to our personal power, strength and determination.

So if you are looking to charge up, shift, transition, or amp up your life, try taking time each day to visualize a positive out come for yourself.

Visualize yourself feeling fantastic and your body, mind and spirit in harmony
Visualize your life’s work as fulfilling and rewarding in every way possible
Visualize strong, healthy relationships with others
Visualize abundance and prosperity for you and everyone you know
Visualize joy and peace all around you
Visualize a positive experience in something you have planned in the near future

Visualization is the key to creating, manifesting and changing the way we view our day to day lives.  Have fun with this and visualize a beautiful, peaceful and bountiful week for yourself.

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