Using our Voice

Positive Affirmation:
“I have a voice and I choose to speak my truth to myself and others.”

There is power in our voice ~Sounding, toning, chanting, singing, yelling, whispering, screaming, exhaling, speaking, growling, hooting . . .

When we speak our truth, we open up our Throat Chakra and allow ourselves to be heard.  We ask for what we need from others and we share our triumphs and disappointments without being worried about judgment or blame.

Our voice allows us to be open and honest (with ourselves and with others)

Sounding is very powerful on a physical level too.  When we sound with gusto, we work our abdominal muscles, core and mid section from the inside out, which gives us strength and support.

When we sound with confidence, that strength shows in all that we do.  We become stronger mentally and emotionally as we explore our voice and our personal truth from within.

Allow your creativity to expand from your voice and be heard this week.

I am here, I speak my truth . . . Hear me ROAR!

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