From a caterpillar to a butterfly; we all experience transition in our lives. Transitions are about growth, change, evolution and learning valuable lessons along the way that move us from one stage of life into the next.   Purple Butterfly
Transitions can be big and small, short and long, easy and not so easy, and everything in between.  Recognizing when we are in a transitional period is a powerful key in helping us choose to stay centered, calm, resilient and strong.
Transitions like: a move/relocation, a job change, a new relationship, divorce, children showing up in your life (or leaving the house), helping aging parents, retirement, loss of a loved one, etc.
What are some things that help you though times of transition in your life? 

It can definitely vary depending on what you are experiencing, but I find the list below very helpful in feeling supported during these times of shift and change.

-Connecting with others who can listen, support and help out
-Finding time to come within, get quiet, meditate and find your center
-Get outside in nature to recharge your system
-Take good care of your body with sleep, healthy food and exercise
-Read self help books for information and knowledge
-Laugh more and find amusement in life’s process
-Start something new that you’ve always wanted to do (I call this  transition with transition!) 
        Be in the Question 
“What is transforming in my life right now and how much better can my life get as I move through transition with 
grace, ease and awareness?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I welcome transition into my life and I find supportive and positive ways to help me flow and find peace within.” 

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