Transition & Values

This is the time of year when we recapitulate and look at our lives and choices over the past year.
It becomes a time of contemplation and exploration as we look at where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced, while asking the question, “what else do I want for myself and what’s really important to me?”
I think there are many different ways to go about transitioning into a new year, and finding what feels good to you, is definitely the way to go. What resonates for you?
For me: I personally like to acknowledge the positive things that have happened over the past year and revisit them by writing them down. (Joyful moments, personal accomplishments, celebrations, positive memories, etc.)  
I also look at the lessons I learned along the way.  (Sometimes through making mistakes).  Then I get centered and re-evaluate my values and what’s really important to me in my life.  *Taking stock in our values and aligning our life to them is paramount!  Sometimes this means letting go of stories or false beliefs in order to truly connect to our values.
Be in the Question 
“How do I want to transition into this New Year?  What changes am I committed to making that align with my values,
and how will that positively impact my life? How much better can 2017 get?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I acknowledge my accomplishments over the past year and I welcome the new year with open arms.  
I am aligned with my values and I’m so excited to step into 2017.”

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