Empower Yourself with Energetic Tools that will Enhance Your Life!

Living joyfully is my passion, and my calling is to teach people about ENERGY!  I love sharing energetic tools and tips with people who are truly ready to experience personal growth and life-changing transformations.

If you are looking to enhance your day-to-day life and take action to create more happiness, peace, calm, healing, and connection.  I highly recommend you consider EMPATHS ACADEMY.

These extraordinary tools are a profound level of training that expands your awareness and intuition and can help you understand and navigate your energetic field with boundaries, to create more ease and certainty in your day-to-day life. 

This training is highly recommended for ALL EMPATHS and people who are sensitive.  It's also an extremely helpful training for practitioners, teachers, therapists, instructors, coaches, and other caregivers who hold space and help others in the world.  It gives us clearer lines of communication and the ability to read and clean out foreign energy.  


Level 1 TOOLS

Discover ways to energetically navigate (with ease) through these times of shift and change. This is an amazing course that teaches awareness that will support and expand your intuition and give you a better understanding of your own energy field and what you're illuminating.

These tools will help you clean, protect and guide you so you can be grounded, present, and feel connected to your body. They also help create stronger and better lines of communication with others.

This course is paramount for ALL empaths, teachers, practitioners, instructors, and people who help and hold space for others. (6-hour training)


Level 2 TOOLS

This amazing course is very meditative and will increase your awareness and intuition, even more, to support how you connect with yourself and communicate energetically with others on a daily basis.

You will learn to clean, protect and repair your Aura, De-code your Chakras, meet your Healing Master spirit guide, and learn how to begin to manifest and mock up what you want to create for yourself each and every day.

This class promotes a daily meditation practice that is fun and truly life-changing on so many levels! *Completion of Beginning Tools Training is required to register for this class. (6-hour training)


Level 3 TOOLS

This Advanced Tools class will take you on a deeper journey into your intuitive skills as you fine-tune your Crown Chakra to different frequencies

You will release other people's vibrations you've matched on this level and discover Amusement, Havingness, the 10-10-70 tool along with your Psychic Reading Screen, which gives you the ability to start to read and look at energy in a new way.  Energetic Agreements, Contracts, and Karma will also be addressed.

*Multiple classes are available - Each class is 2 hours.  *Completion of Level 1 & 2 TOOLS Training is required to register for this class.