The Spine

Daily Affirmation:  “I take good care of my spine and I’m aware of my posture throughout the day.  My spine is strong, supportive and in alignment.” 

Our spines carry vital information to the rest of our body through nerves and the health of our spine can affects parts of our body so this week I decided we would focus on our spine health.

Check in with you back right now.  Move your head around and feel your neck.  Move your rib cage side to side and notice how your upper and mid back are feeling as you do this.  Then gently tilt your hips and acknowledge your low back area.  What did you notice when you took time to feel and sense your spine?

This week pay close attention to the muscles supporting your spine, your posture, each vertebra, and over all spine health and wellness . . . and give you spine some attention this week.  Here are some ideas to give your back some TLC so it feel good and functions properly.

– Get a massage
-Take a warm Epsom Salt bath
– Visit your/a chiropractor
– Try acupuncture
– Find a computer chair that feels good and is supportive
– Dance, move, exercise!
– Meditate
– Use healing topical lotion to help soothe aching muscles and joints
– Try a energy healing technique
– Eat foods that are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and low in Sugar and notice how
your spine (and joints feel)
– Do some breathing techniques to relax
– Go to Pilates!
– Get a good nights sleep
– Wear comfy shoes (ditch the high heels ladies!)

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