The Freedom of Choice

Have you ever dined at The Cheesecake Factory?  Do you remember the menu they give you?  It’s an actual book full of food options. Although it can be hard to decide, I really do love having choices. It’s so freeing to have options in life.  
You can tell this about me by also looking at my website. I offer so many ways to find energetic balance because I believe we all appreciate and value different things, so having a variety of choices can make a big difference when working with people and helping them along their path and journey.
Take time to reflect this week on the choices you make for yourself.  Are they helpful? Are they healthy? Are they self-sabotaging and detrimental to your growth or happiness?  Become the witness to how you choose and why you choose what you choose, and get clear on whether or not this is what you really want in your life.  
*Remember this – “We can choose and if it doesn’t feel right, we can choose again!”
Looking at SELF under a microscope can help us adjust (if needed) and also provide powerful insight about what inspires and motivates us to choose what we choose on a daily basis. Below are some powerful questions to ask yourself.  
Live in the Question 
What are you choosing to do?  What are you choosing NOT to do?  How do you honor your freedom to choose?  What inspires you to choose differently?  What choices have changed your life for the better?  What are you choosing for yourself TODAY?
Positive Affirmation
      “I consciously choose choices that support me in the best way possible!”

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