The 13 Joints Of The Body

The 13 Joints of The Body 


Daily Affirmation:  “I acknowledge the joints of my body everyday by listening to what they need.  I take care of them by working towards promoting healthy mobility and range of motion.  It feels good to be aware of my joints and they support me in all that I do.”

As the weather cools down, our joints can feel stiff and sore.  This is a great week to remember to become more aware of your joints and what state they are in at the time.

Notice how your joints feel in the morning when you first get up.  If you feel stiff and tight, do some gentle stretching and moving, and see what you notice.

How do they feel mid day? And check in with them again in the evening.  Be sure to engage them in ways that promotes fluid movements and harmonious actions with your bones and muscles, tendons and ligaments. 



Happy joints = Happy bodies
In Nia we recognize 13 joints in the body
Ankles, Knees, Hips, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders and the entire Spine







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