Dowsing Testimonials


"Jill has done amazing distance work to help spirits move into the light in two of our homes where we were facing a lot of spirit disruption and restlessness. She always helps us understand the situation, and how we can work together to remedy the situation for us and our spirit visitors. I am privileged to know Jill as a friend, and I have recommended her to others who were very pleased with her work as well." Yvonne ~ Texas

"I've been in my house for 22 years and have been aware of strange energy in certain areas. My office was uncomfortable to be in for very long. After a year of being home all of the time, I felt desperate to move. What a difference the dowsing and space clearing made! The room that was most uncomfortable is now my favorite room in the house.  My dreams became less complicated and less exhausting, and the brain fog cleared!  Having Jill dowse your home is a gift you can give yourself that will keep on giving. In fact, I will always want Jill to dowse any home I might live in, in the future." Beth ~ Delaware

“My house Dowsing experience with Jill was incredible! Jill found a negative vortex in our basement family room. Prior to dowsing, people avoided this area and now our family & friends are beginning to use the space more and more. Following the house Dowsing, I also felt an intense urge to de-clutter my home after many years. Currently, I am in the process of clearing space in my home and making way for the new!” Nea ~ Fridley, MN

“I personally have noticed that my confidence had improved and my willingness to step into the unknown with more trust and gusto has shown up since I had my home dowsed. It has definitely changed my entire family's lives and it has been a huge gift and blessing on so many levels. We all sleep better, eat healthier and have stronger bonds for sure.” J.S. St. Paul

“I went in the basement after our garage discovery and learned the Geopathic Stress line is also in line with a crack in my foundation….. how consistent!” Sarah ~ Fridley

“Our son hasn’t had any more nightmares and is sleeping through the night, we have been decluttering the bedrooms and guest rooms like crazy, we are both exercising (voluntarily), we all argue less and are able to resolve disagreements more quickly, I have been anxious to clean my office and get back to working in there and we have all started feeling greater love and affinity for our home.” N.V. Fridley

“I heard about Joyful Living from a friend of mine. For the past few years, I had been a “DIY” dowser. Armed with sage and a few mantras from the internet, I walked from room to room, closing doors and opening windows, in an effort to “cleanse” my house. While the process was fulfilling, I knew there was much more to dowsing. I reached out to Jill as my house recently turned 100 years old. With its rich history, I wanted to better understand the energy of the house as well as create a refreshed environment. Jill did a wonderful job of explaining the process. The dowsing itself was comprehensive and enlightening. The energy of the house and my energy within it has been transformed. I have since recommended Joyful Living to co-workers and family members as it was a wonderful experience.” Gretchen ~ Minneapolis

“I wasn’t sure what to think when it was recommended to me that I get my house doused! I didn’t know what it was and was skeptical of what it could be. Jill came to our home and was so great about answering all of my questions and explaining what she was doing. I had no expectations for what/if anything would happen, but was grateful for the idea of getting rid of negative energy in our home. Honestly, this was one of the greatest things we’ve done! That night our 10-year-old son slept soundly through the night!! And has continued! He had always been a restless and wakeful sleeper. This was the first time he had experienced a solid night's rest!! We also noticed that it just felt good to be in our home. We moved almost a year ago, and needless to say, I had Jill come the day after we moved in!! Boxes and everything!! This is how important it was to me!!” Jessica ~ Chanhassen

"Thank you Jill for expanding this field and creating a healthier and safer vibration for all. A lot of energy moved and shifted, not only in the house but also through me. I have been having pretty significant joint pain since this past fall and it’s almost all disappeared! Now that our house is zinging with high vibrations, the pain that I was feeling daily in my hips, knee, and ankles, is pretty much gone!” A.M. St. Paul

“I can’t believe the changes that have happened in both my life and in our home. Many positive changes have occurred. I am able to write again, our marriage is revitalized and I feel comfortable, creative, and happy living here.” Anna ~ Minneapolis

“My thoughts are more optimistic. I find myself being more in a state of “why not!” I am feeling the shift and am riding the tide!” S.H. Fridley

“The dowsing has definitely shifted some things and I feel very energized! I have to tell you, I am loving my house!” R.H. Minneapolis

“Jill’s findings were interesting. She found one negative vortex that was in my office (where I hadn’t worked for nearly a year!) and right above on the first floor, is the dining room where nearly all arguments begin in our home. Coincidence?” N.V. Fridley

     “During the dowsing has session, I felt peacefulness around me and like a heavy weight was taken from me.  I also felt really connected and close to my dad, who passed away 3 years ago. After the session, I felt my confidence grow and I was even standing straighter and taller!  My place feels really good and it's an enjoyable place to be in."  Maria ~  Sydney, Australia

    "I didn’t know very much about dowsing before I met Jill. After one of my integrated healing sessions and discussing some funky energy that was in my new home, Jill suggested we consider dowsing. My family was being affected by that funk so we were quick to sign up! My husband and I loved the experience, especially all that Jill was teaching (the what, why, and how) us about dowsing along the way. It was so fun to use the dowsing rod, the sprays, the copper sticks, and meditations. We learned that our home was on native lands, had a negative vortex, located geopathic stress lines, and discovered the electromagnetic fields that affected each of us. We really enjoyed the Feng Shui tips as well. Since our dowsing, our home has had such higher vibrations, is lighter and happier. We are less stressed, are all sleeping better, have more energy, and feel safe in our home. All areas of our life have been better. My husband got a new job that he loves. I have deepened my relationships and have woken more spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically and our sons have been so happy. We loved the experience and have recommended it to our friends and family"  Nikki ~ Mound, MN

 "My husband said to me last week that his sleep has gotten better. The girls have been sleeping well and sort of re-organized their rooms (my one daughter has moved back to her own bedroom again). As for myself, I feel different about our house. The shift I have experienced is of letting go and accepting of its current state. I have started to thoughtfully sift through areas of the house that I had not thought of. Overall, it is very positive and I am curious to see how our habits and space will change over the next couple of months."

Integrative & Distant Healing Testimonials


"At an incredibly low and dark place in my life, one of my best friends recommended Jill's services. While I'd normally be hesitant, I implicitly trusted my friend. Quite honestly, I was so desperate, I was at a point where I'd try just about anything. My Integrative Healing Session with her was the best thing I've ever done! I'd spent about seven years fighting severe depression and growing anxiety, finding myself at a point where I was missing work, crying daily, isolating, and not wanting to leave my house. I had become a person that I no longer recognized and did not like. I'd been on a variety of medications, increases in dosages of said medications, coupled with talk therapy. All of these things provided somewhat of a numbing buffer at most. After my session with Jill, I felt both relaxed and hopeful. The next day I can honestly say that I woke up feeling like a hundred pounds had been lifted off of me. I felt lighter, happier, and hopeful like I hadn't for years. I felt motivated to get out and do things as opposed to hiding at home. I felt drawn towards investing in self-care. I got out and did more in two weeks than I'd done in over two years or more combined. My results have been nothing short of mind-blowing. Life-changing! I feel happiness and hope for the first time since I can remember, and feel like I'm finally starting to get my life and myself back. I could not be more thankful, and would happily speak privately with anyone looking for a recommendation. " Vanessa

"My integrative healing session with Jill Goux was nothing less than amazing. I was suffering from all sorts of physical issues - headaches, fatigue, mental fog, issues with my vision - all of it gone after my session with Jill. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Jill Goux changed my life. If you're thinking about doing a session with Jill, DO IT. You won't regret it." Brenda

"I have relied on Jill many times over the years for in-person and distance one-on-one energy sessions. She has done SO much for my health and well-being over the years, that I am eternally grateful for. At some of the lowest points in my life, she was able to help me feel balanced, refreshed, and stronger. Her readouts from my sessions are so enlightening and informative. She’s always there for me – even when I have urgent energy blockage issues." Yvonne ~ Texas

"I just finished the MOST AMAZING consultation with Jill Goux!! The only way I can explain it is … life-changing. I’m up, on my game, and stronger than ever! My mind is clear, my energy is through the roof and I can NOT wait for what’s next! Jill I thank you so much for what we accomplished today! Light and love my new friend." Wendy ~ Atlanta, Georgia

"My sessions with Jill have been life-changing. Through these sessions, I have been able to make a connection to the divine that I never knew existed. This connection has given me the strength to live life from my truth and to connect to the life I desire. Her Tools class has also given me vital equipment for my life’s “tool belt” that helps me throughout my everyday existence." S.O. Minneapolis, MN

"Jill’s one-on-one healing sessions have brought peace, love, light and balance to a lot of the physical and emotional scars of my combat experience in Vietnam and my life. Her intuitive healing knows just where to go to bring balance and serenity to what sometimes is a source of anxiety and fear." T.S. Minnetonka, MN

"Thank you for the healing session. My ‘mother block’ is gone and I called my mother and we talked for 4 hours and at the end, I was able to say “I love you” in complete freedom.” A.T. Minneapolis, MN

"I noticed some pleasant changes after the distant healing and space clearing. My mom and I feel less heavy and the communication between us is easier and we are talking more than usual, despite her hearing problem. Our little apartment is filled with love, care, and joy. In the meantime, my “caged” energy seems to be freed, as I feel more active in work and more responsive in social relationships. At the meeting earlier today, I regained the confidence that I had long lost, my mind was clear, and I was composed and communicated clearly." Y.L. China

"I have had several integrated healing sessions with Jill. I went to her for the first time, at a point in my life where everything seemed to be crashing. I was stuck physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I had a few personal losses, was struggling with my relationships, and really needed help moving forward. That first integrated healing session was life-changing for me. It opened me up to so much, allowed me to heal from hurts, and set me on my path of clarity, connection, creativity, mindfulness, and living authentically. I recently had another session that was focused on transformation-cutting some necessary cords, clearing my stuck energy, and moving forward. Each of these experiences was so wonderful and I have recommended healing sessions for several of my friends."  N. B. Mound, MN

"When I arrived for my integrative healing session, I felt overwhelmed, anxious and afraid to step into a new role. Afterward, I felt calm, steady, and ready to take action. Jill, you told me things were going to shift and that in a year I’d look back on that day, amazed at how far I had come. Well, I’m looking back just a few weeks later and big changes are already happening! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jill!" S.W. Plymouth, MN

"I have had several individual healing sessions with Jill. They have been particularly helpful in letting go and dealing with difficult personal situations. Her sessions at times were like a safe port in an emotional storm. She is the most joyful but real, down-to-earth woman! Her smile and hugs, warm the heart and soul. Her sense of humor is delightful." M.Q. Eagan, MN

 "I've had energy work done before, but I don't recall ever having something quite as potent (even though the people I've worked with were not, in my estimate, lightweights.) Thank you again. What you offer is really powerful!" J.E.  Minneapolis, MN

Extraordinary Tools Testimonials

"I took Jill’s Beginning Tools Class a few weeks ago and to put it mildly, it has changed my life! Jill really brings the Spirit Realm to life with this workshop, teaching us how to use these tools in our everyday lives. This workshop is for YOU, to make you stronger, calmer, more sure of yourself, relaxed, and happy as you allow these tools into your life. I’m looking forward to the next Intermediate Class!" C.L. Sauk Center

"Participating in the Extraordinary Tools for Everyday Living Classes advanced my ability to tune into more subtle messages from my higher self and quiet my mind to receive divine guidance. By practicing these techniques I have been able to gain clarity on my life’s mission and connect more closely with those guiding me on my path." E.B. Minneapolis

"Jill’s Extraordinary Tools classes have changed my life. The tools are easy to use and have made me more centered and confident in every aspect of my life. And the best part is how much more I am in tune with and trust my intuition." K.P. Medina

"I just want to tell you that I’ve been using my tools every single day since I learned them from you I can feel a difference in my life! I feel more energy and I’ve been telling other people all about it!" C.L. Sauk Center

   "I absolutely loved Jill’s Beginners Tools training course! I learned so many new tools to help with my own energy work and felt so happy to connect with such wonderful women who were also on their own journey. Jill’s retreat was in a beautifully enteric home and her style of coaching is so easy to understand. I loved her explanations and examples in each section of the training. I left feeling so fulfilled and use my tools regularly." N. B. Mound, MN

"I learned so many tools to help ground, honor, protect and love myself. I have always known that I was highly sensitive (in all ways) but never felt that I should honor that gift. I learned that weekend that I have many gifts, as well as how to protect, enhance and use them! The tools have helped me navigate my inner and outer world more safely and comfortably! They have really helped me manage my sensitivities and energies." M.Q. Eagan, MN

"My husband and I attended the Beginning Tools Retreat together, and it made an immediate difference in our lives. As two people who are very sensitive to energy, we feel more centered as we go about our days. It also gave us a common language to use around meditation and energy clearing that has been very useful!" J.C. Minneapolis, MN

Movement Testimonials

"All I have to do is get myself to Jill’s class and let the easy spirit take over. Somewhere in the next 50 minutes, I realize a transformation in my body, mind, and spirit. Jill accepts me where I am and reminds me of my center, my joy – every single time!" T.A. Plymouth

"No matter how I feel emotionally: up, down or sideways when I go to her class, her music and her class gets me to move and dance, and I always leave more joyous than when I arrived. I love being a part of all different ages, body types and physical abilities moving together and having a great time!" K.A. Minnetonka

"Thank you for sharing your continued JOY. I have been coming to your class for 7 years. I started when my mom was very sick with Cancer. It gave me the emotional release and grounding I needed during that difficult time. Especially when my dysfunctional family was shining bright, your classes restored my sanity. I love your classes because it brings Mind Body and Spirit into dance and exercise, AND because YOU Jill bring a special positive energy and awesome songs/music to our class." C.K. Minnetonka

"JADE dancing is fun! I’m already discovering ways my body expresses more energy in simple terms of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. It’s easy to feel myself joyfully in the present moment." A.S. Minnetonka

"Jill’s creative choreography allows me to “unleash my inner dancer” every week. I have not found any other type of “mind/body fitness” class that compares. Her classes provide a valuable opportunity to move, express, and connect with self and others. Jill has an ability to effortlessly inspire and bring joy to others. “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” (Nietzsche)" S.M. Plymouth

"I loved my JADE experience.   As a former dancer, I was hoping to find something that would encourage me to move my whole body again and was intrigued by the idea of combining the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but felt so welcomed and excited the minute I walked into the room. Jill has the gift of bringing together people from all walks of life. Jill’s instructions were easy to follow and she made everyone feel comfortable, no matter what their experience level. There was so much amazing energy, positivity, and kindness in that room. Jill really fosters that! LOVED it"  N. B Mound, MN

Retreat Testimonials

"I was called to join Jill's New Year Women's retreat in early January 2017. I was with the most wonderful women and learned so many tools to honor myself, explore my spiritual self and how to protect and manage my energy. It was the most joyful, thrilling, and yet peaceful experience I have had in years." M.Q. Eagan, MN

"The retreat was inspiring, shifting, and expansive." V. C. Minneapolis, MN

"I came feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and at the end of my rope. I left feeling at peace, calm, and with an idea of how to continue creating that while going back to my life." L.C. Wisconsin

"Jill’s retreats are lasting vacations. The focus and preparation Jill puts into the entire retreat, created an experience that sticks with me beyond the day of the retreat. I leave each retreat with new friends, a renewed energy and focus to deliver my best self to everything I do and, more importantly, everyone I encounter in this life journey." J.H. Minneapolis

"The retreat with Jill was amazing. I met the most wonderful people. The setting was beautiful and peaceful. For me, it was a day of “letting go”. Letting go of coloring in the lines. Letting go of feeling that I have to converse all the time. Letting go and opening up a creative side of me that I didn’t know existed." J.M. St. Paul

"The retreat was a wonderful experience of deepening the senses and spiritual awareness in a nature setting. Bravo on a playful, healing day." A.S. Minnetonka

"The highlight of my year working with Jill was heeding the call to attend a Women's retreat in Mount Shasta, CA. It was the most incredible, magical, spiritual adventure of my life! I came back refreshed, renewed, and ready to continue in my journey being me and sharing my light, love, and self with the world!" M.Q. Eagan, MN