Synchronicities, Signs & Messages

Our focus for this week is about opening up and attuning our ‘awareness antenna’, in order to notice and receive information that can ‘find us’ in a variety of different ways and frequencies.
Let your morning Mantra be: “I am open to the Universe providing me with helpful and useful messages and signs to guide me.  I’m aware of synchronicities that also validate this process.”
Signs and messages can show up in the most peculiar of ways.  Take note of your day to day, and see what magic appears when you consciously choose to open up and receive.
– A song on the radio 
– A book that several people keep mentioning to you
– In a dream
– Though animals that show up (refer to the book Animal Speak) 
– In a feeling or sensation in your body
– With a thought or vision you had in meditation
– Words on a billboard, number sticker or T-shirt
– Using a card pull
– In conversations with strangers
Be in the Question 
“What am I ready to see, hear and receive from the Universe today? What helpful 
signs and messages will find their way to me?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am a an open vessel for Universal signs, message and Divine synchronicities. My awareness is attentive, and I am receiving powerful validations to guide me along my path and journey.

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