Stretching our Edges

This past week, while on Mt Shasta, a group of us were talking about the shifts, changes and new energy that is upon us.  We are in it. We are all experiencing it for the first time.  It’s new, it’s different and it’s uncharted territory.  
One of them made a comment that stuck with me, as it describes things what I’ve been witnessing and personally experiencing myself.  She said, “Uncomfortable is the new norm.”  And my thought response to that was, “It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
As human beings having a spiritual experience on this planet, we are constantly struggling with the back and forth (and in between stages) of what we feel, sense, observe and experience from day to day.  With all of this said, it can leave us feeling a little shaken up, 
stirred and even confused.  
Helpful tips:  Notice where you are in resistance in your life, gently release your tight grip, and explore balancing the experiences you have between ‘the sky and the ground, and between the silence and the sound’. (A beautiful quote from Lee Harris this month).  
These words speak to me as having the capacity to stretch our edges between what it means to be both a human and a spiritual being. There is a dance that can weave together the two in a harmonious way.  Practice, observe, allow and being willing to stretch yourself, 
 is the ultimate key.
I challenge you to explore your edges and see if you can stretch into spaces and places that don’t necessarily feel comfortable or ‘normal’ in your life.  When we stretch ourselves and go beyond our place of comfort and security, we can discover so much more about our selves and the energy we are in right now.  This is where we can begin to tap into the unknown and learn new strategies for life, while gaining insight and inner knowing.
       Live in the Question 
“What are my edges?  Of those edges, where am I willing to stretch, in 
order to explore new territory in my life?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am willing to stretch myself in different ways in order to grow and expand into 
new energy, insight and inner wisdom. “

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