It starts with YOUThis week is about stretching your muscles and joints in order to discover the huge benefits in doing so.

Q: Are you ready and willing to take on the challenge of stretching between 5 -15 minutes every day this week?

What differences will you notice physically, mentally and emotionally when you consciously choose to stretch every day?

Benefits of taking time to stretch can include the following:

Reduce muscle tension
Improve flexibility
Increased range of movement in the joints
Enhanced muscular coordination
Increase your overall energy levels
Decrease stress
Increase circulation of blood to the body
Calm the body and mind
Assists in releasing emotions
Helps releases pain and discomfort

Keep it simple and explore stretching all parts of your body this week.  Be curious and see what happens when you do.

Also . . . Get creative!  You can stretch at your desk, stretch before you take a walk, stretch before you go to bed, or right away in the morning when your feet touch the floor.  Simply say ‘hello’ to your body and give it the gift of stretching this week.

Be in the Question
“How much better will my body feel if I choose to stretch every day this week?”

Positive Affirmation
“Stretching feels so good and I take the time each day to give myself this gift of flexibility and circulation. “

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