Daily Affirmation:  “I am strong and I honor my personal power each and every day.  It feels good to have strength physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually.””

 When we we think of strength, we usually think of pure muscle strength, but strength can be present in many different forms in our lives. 


Physical  – endurance, vitality, muscle strength, cardio fitness, stability, posture, core support, breath, alignment.Mental  – focus, awareness, preparation, determination, concentration, commitment.

Emotional – Joyful, peaceful, calm, accepting, inspiring, passionate,
loving, kind, open, caring.

Spiritual – Intuition, consciousness, connection, trust, community, supportive, meditative.

Acknowledge your strengths this week. Let them shine though no matter what.  Be in your power and know that you are supported by yourself and others always.     

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