Step back and Observe

It can be so helpful to step away from something and simply observe the bigger picture of what’s going on with a sense of neutrality and non-judgement. Lighthouse

It’s easy to get pulled into drama, trauma and uncomfortable energy sometimes, but if we allow ourselves to let go of trying to fix, change, and get a specific outcome from any given situation, if can allow for more space, healing, awareness and a new perspective to emerge. 

This week is about choosing to take a step back from someone or something in order to observe and see from a fresh new perspective.  Remember, the key is to observe from a place of neutrality.  That’s when new information and gifts can come to us. 


        Be in the Question 
“What am I choosing to step back from in order to observe and see with neutrality and non-judgement?  What amazing things will I learn by doing so?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I honor myself and my process in life by choosing to step back and observe life’s situations with neutral lenses.  My life has more clarity awareness and healing because of it.”

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