Stability, Agility, Mobility

When we remember to give our bodies a diverse range of movement forms, it allows us to stay strong, stable, flexible and mobile.

It’s so very important to work on different aspects of your health and wellness (through movement) so you can adjust to your environment with more ease and grace.

The saying,” If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” definitely rings true here.  It’s paramount to keep moving our muscles, joints, and tissue in order to stay flexible, fluid and have the ability to move into the low, mid or high planes with ease. (ground-knees-standing-reaching)

This week our focus is practicing:
Stable – “I am grounded, strong, balanced and connected to the earth.”
Agile – “I am nimble and I move quickly and easily with precision & coordination.”
Mobility – “I have an amazing range of motion and my body feels so good to be able to find movement from head to toe.”

Get creative and find ways to practice these three elements this week.  Your body will thank you!

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