Speak Your Truth

Our 5th Chakra is located at our throat, which is the energy center that is connected to expressing ourselves, asking for what we need, creativity, understanding and speaking our truth.
When we honor this energetic system, we are tapping into our authentic self and allowing that part of us to be seen and hear.
I have to tell you that over the years, I’ve witnessed people misunderstanding what ‘opening the 5th Chakra’ really means.  It’s about finding the balance between speaking your truth and delivering a message that is tactful and respectful.  It’s not about just saying what you want, when you want, to whom ever you want.  It’s about honoring a process for the highest good of all, not just for the sake of yourself deciding to blurt out rhetoric and dialogue to others. 
Practicing using your voice and speaking up, is a helpful tool to start this process by finding ways to communicate that are healthy, clear and concise.  Writing down what you’d like to say and using affirmations, can be highly beneficial when stepping into the practice of speaking your truth.  *Remember this quote, “The truth will set you free!”
Live in the Question 
“What do I want to say this week? How will opening my throat Chakra and asking for 
what I need, change my life for the better?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I open my throat Chakra by speaking my truth to myself and others.”

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