Green Leaf picLast night I had a powerful dream with a very bold and clear message, which was SIMPLICITY.

I also watched Lee’s Harris’ video this morning and simplicity was one of his messages too.  So I found it quite effortless to begin writing the focus for the week. 
(Funny how that worked. It was simple . . .  get it?)

Honor simplicity this week by stripping down the pieces and parts that seem busy, chaotic and stressed in your daily life right now.

Choose and allow simplicity to surface so you can navigate with ease, mange life with less stress, have more abundances of time and energy, and just BE.

Remember . . . Simple can be powerful!  What would that look like for you? What can you do to create more simplicity this week?

Be in the Question: “How can I make this week much more simple for myself?”
Positive Affirmation: “I enjoy this simple things in life and by allowing simplicity to be in my life, I feel more present, content, open, and happy.”

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