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Soul-utions Card Deck


This deck is designed to help bring you signs, messages, and positive inspirations.  Use them daily, weekly, or whenever you feel called to draw a card for support and insight.

I created them with positive energy, joy, love, and light, and you will even receive a blast of Universal energy whenever you use them.


To use these cards, follow these steps. First thing:  Clear the deck before shuffling by holding them in your non-dominant hand and simply tap it with your first to release the energy of the person who last used them. Second:  begin shuffling the cards and focus on your intention, question, or inquiry. Finally:  Intuitively draw a card and see what message is there for you to receive.  If a card falls out while shuffling…that’s your card!

There Card Pull Options



Steps to take 1-2-3

Additional information

Weight .62 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

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  1. The Soulution Cards are a quick, fun way to clear scrambled thoughts, re-energize sluggish motivation and remember what really matters during any busy day filled with distractions. We keep them handy on a shelf and each pick one to give a focus to the day. Anita and T.J.Skinner

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