Share Your Passion

What is your passion? What ‘lights you up’ and gets you excited to get up each day?  What do you enjoy doing as a hobby or just for fun?  Or maybe this is your life’s work.  Either way, get clear on what you are most passionate about in your life. 
Take a moment to write down a short list of things that feed you and get you excited.  What are you personally passionate about and truly enjoy doing and/or sharing with others?
Here’s a short list of some examples: traveling, blogging/writing, cooking, teaching others, creating something new, painting, working with animals, researching, singing, being funny, reading, completing construction projects, being in nature, gathering people together, building something, holding space for others to heal, reading, creating peace and calm, etc. 
Have you ever witnessed someone who is so passionate about something, and when they speak of it, they actually emote and exude different characteristics?  It’s as if they become illuminated and full of magical energy that makes them seem to glow from the inside out! Their eyes light up, their body languages changes, and there are noticeable shifts in their voice and expression.  It’s pretty cool to see.
Sharing your passion is about honoring the fire inside and allowing it to bring warmth, joy and celebration to not only yourself, but others. Tap into your passions this week and decide which one (or ones) you’d like to lean into and ‘ignite’ a little more in your life.
You see . . .when we feed our soul with our true passion, we connect to our inner 
most desires, gifts and authenticity. And that my friends. . . is GOLDEN!
       Live in the Question 
“What am I truly passionate about?  How can I ignite and illuminate my passions for myself and others around me? What powerful inner shifts will I experience when I tap into this inner most aspect of myself?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am a passionate person who shares freely with others.  The fire inside of me is illuminated and ignited, and I feel so free because of this.”

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