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  • Light Language Activation
  • Open channels for healing, clarity, transformation, growth and learning
  • Release what's not yours
  • Align with your gifts and talents
  • Become grounded and centered
  • Connect to your higher self
  • Private or group healing sessions (live, recorded or distant)


  • Relax and come within
  • Recharge your system
  • Beautiful visualization meditation
  • Receive healing energy
  • Align energy centers
  • Connect to guides and higher self
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Private or Group Meditations


  • Shift energy in your environment
  • Locates geopathic stress lines, negative vortexes, electromagnetic fields & more
  • It's like Feng Shui on steroids
  • Healing through ancient process of Dowsing
  • Raise the vibration of your space
  • Helps you, your family and business team thrive