Self Love

Daily Affirmation:  “I am connected to my heart, and I love myself inside and out.  I choose to take care of myself in a kind, loving way each and every day.” 

When we love ourselves first and foremost, it creates an energetic vibration that amplifies out to others around us.  One of my mentors would always say, “The energy you put out is what you get back.  That vibration will attract more of that vibration.”

So if you feel lack, the Universe will keep providing you opportunities to keep experiencing lack.  If you feel love, joy and happiness, the Universe will hold you to that too!

So remember the importance of self love.  Start with you and then others who have that same vibe, will ‘tune in’ as well.

Self love is so powerful.  It can change the way you interact with others and how you experience relationships in your life.

Let your heart open to its true potential and take time this week to do loving things for yourself.  It’s the best gift you can do for YOU!

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