Self Love

As we come closer to Valentine’s Day, I think of how many people have a thought/opinion (one way or the other) for this holiday.
For some it’s a day to celebrate love, our connecting with others and romance, while others see it as a holiday that leaves people feeling sad and alone if they don’t have a significant other in their life.
I choose to see it as a day to come within and honor your own love of self, because starting here is the absolute game changer when it comes to our own peace and happiness.  
 “No matter where we are at in life, having self love is paramount in helping us stay illuminated within our truth of who we are and our worthiness.”
Having love for self, is the core essence of being human and the part that connects us with ourselves (and others) on an authentic and deep level.
When we love who we are, we illuminate that energy (or signal) out to the world.  Through the law of attraction, the world will send back a similar signal in return.  Once we understand this energy flow of self love, we can begin to witness how it will blossom and grow in profound and 
 amazing ways in our lives.  
Give yourself permission to love who you are, just as you are . . . and notice the shifts that occur.  Stop and give yourself a hug right now and love yourself up in the best way possible.  The benefits are limitless!
*Visit the link below to read a very powerful message from 
 Louise Hay about Self Love!
Be in the Question 
“How much more love can I have and experience this week (from myself and others)?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am worthy of love in life, and I now lovingly open my heart, allowing love that I have for myself,
to come to the surface and radiate!” 

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