Self Love

Jill prayer 2Last week the focus was ‘Let your heart sing’, and this week is about taking it a step further and singing the tune of SELF LOVE.

What over-the-top loving things can you do for yourself this week?

How would it feel to give yourself unconditional love and support from an authentic place for kindness, caring and appreciation?

What might happen if you love yourself up and treat yourself with so much respect and self care, that your heart becomes filled with warmth and  heart-felt abundance?

Loving yourself is not selfish.  It’s a beautiful gift that allows you to radiate that love inward as well as outward to others.  Remember . . . the energy we truly have for ourselves radiates out, which can come right back, so be prepared for more love to pour into your world this week.

Self Love creates beauty, gratitude and positive energy for yourself and others around you.  It’s a win-win for all.  So get ready to provide yourself with the most love and attention that you can this week and make it a top priority.

Be in the Question: “What gifts will appear when I choose to love myself more than ever before this week?”

Positive Affirmation: “I love myself and all of who I am, and when I treat myself with unconditional love, that authentic energy radiates out to others, and that love shines back in the most magnificent ways. I love love! “

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