Self Care

Give yourself time this week to slow down, come within, and provide a container to receive a little TLC through self care.
What do you need on a physical level to help your body feel balanced and healthy?
What is needed for your emotional body to feel supported and heard?
How can you create space for your mental body to receive attention this week?
What has your spiritual body been craving and how can you honor that?
Jump head first in creating a beautiful platform that is all about taking care of yourself. Put yourself first on your list, and give yourself the gift of personalized care.   
Self care is directly connected to self-love, and when we love ourselves, that energy expands outward and attracts other loving connection in our lives. It creates a beautiful, generative flow of loving energy inside and out. Take good care of yourselves this week and give yourself a big hug.
Live in the Question 
“How many ways can I provide gentle and loving self-care for myself?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I take such good care of myself and I thrive because of it.”

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