Rituals the Shift Energy

I think we can all say that we find ourselves feeling low, down, stuck or just out of sorts from time to time in our lives.  It’s part of being human.    
But there are also ways we can work to help ourselves shift energetically, and create a more positive vibe in and around us. One of those ways is through the use of rituals.
Rituals are ways we can connect to the Universe and recharge our system to enhance our daily lives with rich meaning and substance.  
Think of rituals as a guiding light to help us through challenging times, or a way to bring support to our accomplishments, intentions and goals.  They are useful tools to help us change our mood and reenergize on all levels.
Rituals can include using words, movements, gestures or working with objects like crystals or stones.  It can feature breathing, visualizations, a card pull, or writing and drawing in a journal. Rituals can be anything that feels like a supportive way to help shift you into a higher vibration of consciousness and awareness.  
*Your Assignment:  Discover (or create) a ritual that resonates with you this week.  Commit to working with this ritual every day and notice what happens.  
Be in the Question 
“What rituals am I currently doing for myself on a daily/weekly basis?  What rituals am I open to bringing into my life right on?  How will they help me shift energetically?
 Positive Affirmation
      “I use rituals in my life to help me grow, change and heal.  I feel totally recharged and supported. I know the Universe is listening and miraculous changes are occurring in my life.”

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