Random Acts of Kindness

Participating in kindness and unexpected acts of giving to others, is very fulfilling and rewarding.  It’s a way to connect to heart energy and to others in simple ways that can have profound effects on their attitude, mood, behavior and even their overall day.  It starts with YOU

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) create a cyclical exchange that honors the principals of giving and receiving.  

When you give to others, you are also receiving.  It touches our hearts and it just feels good to unconditionally give to others. 

As a recipient, when you actually receive something from someone with open arms, that in itself, is a gift to the giver.  It feels good that what is being given, is being accepted and fully received.  Do you see how both are intertwined and connected in powerful ways?

So, be mindful of both sides of this equation this week.  See if you can find joy in giving as well as receiving this week.  What goes around comes around, so let’s keep the circle of giving and receiving flowing and notice how Random Acts of Kindness can have positive effects (on both the giver and receiver) in powerful and healing ways. 

“Have fun with this and enjoy the adventure into KINDNESS!” 
  Be in the Question 
“What Random Acts of Kindness will I share with others this week?  What will I notice by consciously choosing to step into the circle of giving an receiving.” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I’m open to giving and receiving random acts of kindness, and it feels good to consciously choose to connect to others in this heart-felt way.”

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