Physical Wisdom

Our bodies talk to us each and every day. When we take time to slow down and really listen, we can gain a lot of information and perspective along the way.
Our physical bodies are amazing instruments, full of a variety of different systems that keep us moving, digesting, breathing, thinking and sleeping (just to name a few).
Your assignment: Connect with your physical body this week and create a new relationship that is different than anything you’ve done before. Talk to your body and become friends in a new and exciting way. Treat your body as if you were given the task to care for someone else who desperately needs your assistance to heal, change and grow; to feel good on all levels.
What would happen if you treated your body in this way, and actually put it first on your list? How much sleep would you get this week?  What foods would you choose for yourself?  How much exercise would you engage in and what else would you do to provide the most positive and uplifting experience for your physical body to experience?
Your physical body is wise and it will give your messages, signs and information.  Be open, aware and diligent as the witness and listener this week.  Give it all you’ve got and take the best care of yourself that you can.  Enjoy the journey my friends! 
       Live in the Question 
“How much love and attention can I give my physical body this week?  What else is there for me to learn about my body?  What amazing shifts and changes will I notice when I do?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am the precious keeper of this physical body that I reside in.  I treat it with loving care, kindness and respect, and because of this, I thrive.”

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