Physical Awareness

Jill 3rd ChakraThis week is about checking in with your physical needs and what your body is craving to feel even for healthy and happy.

Here are some things to consider:

1 Food choices – what’s working with my diet and what can shift to create a healthier change for your system?  What does my body want and need more of / less of?

2  Sleep patterns – how much sleep do you really need to feel replenished?  Can you fit in a 20 minute nap during your day?  Can you release watching late night TV this week to get more rest?  Sleep is so important to replenish our system.  How can you get what you need?

3  Movement  – Our muscles need circulation and blood flow.  What physical activities can you do this week to increase your physical activity? (walking each day, dancing around your house, going to a fitness class, riding a bike, stretch, etc) Get creative and know that this can be easily accomplished.

4  Water – Think of giving every cell in your body a gift by drinking lots of water each day.  Make this a conscious choice.  Set up a large pitch of water and make it a point to finish it by the end of the day.  (Add yummy lemons or cucumbers to spice it us a little.)

5 Breathing – Is a key to a healthy system (studies show this) and you can get this through exercise or by simply sitting quietly and taking long, connective, deep breathes.  Notice what happens when you do this.  Chemical responses release and we can become more calm, centered, relaxed or even alert when we choose to breathe!  Give it a try each day.  Take 30 to 100 deep full breathes and notice how you feel afterwards.

6 Our Thoughts – Send loving, positive thoughts to your physical body and use the power of your mind to create a loving and supportive relationship with yourself.  Our thoughts are powerful – use them wisely!
Be in the Question:
“What positive gifts will appear when I choose to pay attention
to my physical needs this week?”

      Positive Affirmation:
“I love, support and feed my physical body with everything it
needs to be happy and healthy. “

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