Personal Power

Our focus this week is about connecting to our own personal power.  Our strength and ‘inner fire’ can be acknowledged in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  We have strength in all areas.  nia 2

Recognize and tap into your personal power and know that you have all that you need.  Your strength comes from within, not from outside people, places, situations or forces.  It’s the inner light that fuels who you are.

Making choices from your personal power is very different than making choices out of obligation, manipulation or from what you think others want you to do. 

Remember – you are the captain of your ship so decide to navigate from your center, not some body else’s.  (This is paramount to recognize in your relationships and how you make decisions in your life.)

You are strong, you have strength and you are the master of your life.  Know that, lean into that and step into all of who you are and YOUR personal power.   


        Be in the Question 
“How will connecting to and honoring my inner strength and personal power empower myself, create wise decisions and help me step into my life with gusto and clarity?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am strong, I have strength and I am connected to my personal power each an everyday which clearly guides me on my 
path and journey.” 

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