Daily Affirmation:  “I have a fire that burns from within and I know what I’m passionate about in my life. I honor my passions and find ways to explore them.” 

What drives you?  What gets you excited about life?  What are you passionate about?

Traveling – writing – creating – drawing – reading – painting- singing – learning – teaching – playing. . .  

Take a closer look at your passions this week and ask yourself these simple questions.

What steps can you take to truly connect to that which makes you excited to get up in the morning?  How can you create more passion in your daily life.

Get creative, start small, and notice that you can connect to ‘the fire’ easier than you might think.  Anything is possible and the important thing is to simply step in and start moving closer and closer to those passionate desires in your life.

From there, you will feed your soul and ignite positive, happiness all around you.
Enjoy the process, and remember to be kind and patient with yourself too.

“Passion is a strength to recognize from within.  When we move towards that which drives us to feel more alive, we connect closer and closer to our authentic selves, leaving little space for illusion and ego.”

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