New Perspectives on Working Efficiently

Both my husband and I work out of our home. I have a small office tucked away, and he is located in our large amusement room, where he created a functional work space at our high top table.

This past year, he has been taking short excursions to coffee shop and other wifi friendly locations, to dive into getting his work done. Each time, he would come home and say, “I got so much done in such a short amount of time.  It was great.”

Just last year, I renovated my office.  Brand new furniture, laminate floors, fresh paint and new art work.  It was a complete office make over!  I absolutely love it, so I was pretty set on staying tucked away and working from my new space.

What I’ve been discovering, however, is that although my office is lovely and it feels so good to be in there, I’m being completely distracted by everything else that resides in that space; bills, mail, calendars for the family, appointments and phone calls to make, and of course the numerous and overwhelming ‘To Do Lists’ I have for myself, my business, the house projects and our family.  I call it being distracted by ‘the full package of everyday life’.

Several month back, Marie Forleo sent a video blog talking about how we all have a limited amount of creative resources to work with each day.  This reserve is usually potent for most of us during the start of our day.  Her message was to dive into your big, creative projects first, instead of picking away at all of the smaller, mundane items and our busy ‘To Do Lists’. 

This was such a powerful message for me to hear because this is exactly what I was NOT doing! I love checking off boxes on my lists, so I would always start my day by doing all of the short, quick and easy things to complete.  Here lies the problem.  By the time I had a handle on all of those numerous tasks, my brain was fried, I was exhausted and my creativity resources were spent.  And looking at all of the big projects I still had to dive into, looked daunting and completely overwhelming to me.  They would continue to sit and idle, creating even more stress and overwhelm.  (See how this can become an unhealthy cycle?)

Marie’s video was so helpful in giving me a new perspective on working efficiently, and together with my husbands idea of getting out of the house to avoid some of those distractions, it has proven to be a gold ticket for getting a lot more done in a shorter amount of time, with more joy and happiness wrapped into it!

Now, if you work a 9 to 5 corporate job, are retired or not currently working, still take this on and simply change up your scenery several times per week. Pay attention to your creative juices, notice what happens, how you feel, or what you gravitate toward while doing so. A fresh, new perspective anything can open up new areas that we didn’t even know existed.  Have fun with this my friends.

“Today I am working from a roof top apartment building on Lake Calhoun. Where’s your next creative work place going to be?”
*Your Assignment:  Post a picture to your FaceBook page called ‘ My new perspective on working efficiently’ and tag me on it!  I want to see where you’ve been and what fun adventures you’ve been on while gaining a new perspective. *(If we aren’t friends yet, you can find me with ease.  I’m the only Jill Goux on FB.)
Live in the Question 
“What fresh perspectives and new adventures are there for me to experience 
when I get out there and plug into new places and spaces? What else is possible for me to learn about myself and my work when I do this?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I joyfully explore new perspectives in my life by getting out and about.  “

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