Music – Movement – Magic

This week we are focusing on the
3 – M’s of Nia.

Music is so powerful on so many levels.  It can soothe us, energize us and even transport us to another place and time in an instant.

When we add movement to music, we connect our mind, body and spirit through sensation, on a cellular level, enriching our experience and deepening our relationship to ourselves.

The music and movement become one, meeting in the bones, muscles and cells of our bodies creating a burst of magic that is unique and special to each of us.

Play music that feeds you this week.  Move, dance and play with the sounds and vibrations and let yourself experience that true magic of this connection.  Enjoy the journey.

Be in the Question:
“What music inspires me to dance and interact on a mind/body/spirit level?” 

Positive Affirmation:
“I love listening to music, moving my body and allowing the magic to show up in my life when I do.  It feels so good to let go and have fun. “


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