Muscle Care Through Warmth

Welcome to our first real cold snap here in Minnesota.
Staying warm is a way to keep our energy flowing and our muscles relaxed. 
When we get cold, we tend to tense up, raise our shoulder and put extra stress of our muscles, which can ultimately create tension in our bodies and block the flow of energy, blood and circulation.
We are warm-blooded mammals after all, and this is a basic need that is paramount for our survival.  What can you do this week to stay warm, keep your muscle free of tension and promote the flow of energy from head to toe?  *Below are a few ideas:
-Mimic the photo (fireplace and all)
-Eat warm healthy foods and drink delicious, hot beverages
-Relax in a sauna or hot tub
-Attend a cardio or dance class that makes you sweat
-Wear layers and bundle up with hats, scarves, mittens and down coats
-Heat up rice pillows in the microwave and put them around your neck, back and/or stomach areas when sleeping or resting.
-Wrap up in your favorite blanket (like a burrito)
-Then eat a spicy burrito (That will warm you from the inside out!)  
Be in the Question 
“How much better can my body feel when I douse 
it with warmth this week?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I take care of myself in a loving way.  I’m cozy and warm, 
and my body and muscles are grateful.” 

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