Manifest Positive Energy through Intention

Our minds are powerful and we have the ability to manifest our best life through our intentions.
Writing them down can also be a way to strengthen and remind us of what we are intending.
Grab a notebook or journal and begin to write down positive thoughts and ideas to create a blueprint for manifesting your best life moving forward.
Say “yes” to possibilities and stretch yourself in ways that bring you into a place of oneness and expansion.  
The sky is the limit here and today is an important to do this work as it is an 11:11 day that had opened a portal for us to put forth that which we plan to manifest.  Bring that light-filled energy into this day today and enjoy the oneness connection to others doing the same.
        Be in the Question 
“What else is possible as I send positive manifesting energy into this powerful and magical 11:11 day? ” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am consciously choosing to be mindful and intentional as I manifest my best life and a beautiful world around me.”

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