Make New Connections

Quote bubblesWe are in the age of technology (whether you like it or not).  Our world has shifted and advancements in technology have created many ways for people to connect and stay connected through cell phones, texting, emails, the web and of course social media.

Some of you may be connected into these systems on a regular basis. While others may not.  Either way, I encourage you to make new connections this week, whether it’s meeting someone in a class, attending a networking or social event, or connecting through technology.

Open your space and set your intention for some wonderful, new people to arrive.  (And be sure to set an intention for the relationship to be a win-win for both parties and full of positive energy too.)

Notice what gifts appear from the exchange and honor (with gratitude), the spark of something new and a connection that can enrich your life (and theirs) in some way, shape or form.

This is about generating a giving and receiving circle in a relationship.

Be in the Question:
“What else is possible when I make new connections and expand my network?”

Positive Affirmation: “I make new connections easily and effortlessly, and by doing so, I expand into new possibilities and opportunities.”


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