DIVINE HARMONY: Attuning to the Sacred Feminine

Sun, April 26th 2:30-4:30 PM

Online Zoom Event

Cost: $77

Jill Goux and Nea Clare are co-creating this event to provide you with sacred space to be in the vibration of the Divine Feminine energies.  Participants will be encouraged to bring their full selves to this experience, that they may be honored and honor, teach and be taught, give and receive.  All who attend will be co-creating this truly sacred and unique experience.

Many are seeking greater alignment with the Divine Feminine in a way that feels authentic, personal and true.  Nea Clare and Jill Goux are co-creating a powerful event to bring people together to share in this attunement with Divine Harmony.  We want to create a sacred space for you to truly feel this new vibration, through sound and energetic attunement and direct connection with The HAO, who are emissaries of the Sacred Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is truly a new energetic consciousness, never before having been experienced on this planet. Being new, much of the language falls short in describing the impacts and adjustments many are already feeling in their physical, emotional and mental bodies.  Words, stories, archetypes and lore, all fall short in their ability to describe the experience.

This experience will include:

  • Group Alignment Mediation
  • Channeled Message from The HAO (Harmonic Alignment in Oneness) as channeled by Nea Clare
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
  • Light Language Transmissions as channeled by Jill Goux
  • Processing and Integration


Jill Goux is a is an Energy Practitioner, Channel, Transformational Coach, Master Dowser and Spiritual Teacher. She is passionate about helping people discover more about themselves by understanding energy. Jill is also a channel for light language transmissions and activations that amplifying all aspects of her healing and teaching. www.JillGoux.com


Nea Clare is a spiritual teacher, activation coach and natural channel for Spirit. She is the vessel and the embodiment of The HAO, an energetic collective whose mission is to help us acclimate to the energy of Divine Harmony.   Nea helps provide clarity to help you get unstuck and into living a life you love. www.NeaClare.com

Jill & Nea