Lessons from the Bamboo

The focus for the week came to me through this picture.  It popped out as I was looking through photos and it drew me in and spoke to me.  (I discovered that it’s a grove of bamboo.)
I felt inspired to look up the meaning and lessons bamboo has to offer, and I found a lovely post that I’d like to share (but in simple form) entitled ’10 Simple Life lessons from the Bamboo’.
What I found, is full of so much, that I could have picked each lesson for a focus over the next 10 weeks.  Instead, it felt more cohesive to keep this all together and allow all of the lessons to unfold (and connect) as they may.  
Which lessons below stand out for you or create a visceral sensation in your body when you read it and take it in?  Pay attention to these subtleties.  
How can you connect in a deeper way, to the lesson of Bamboo, and draw in this beauty into your own life?
1.   Remember: What looks weak is strong
2.   Bend but don’t break
3.   Be strongly rooted yet flexible
4.   Slow down your busy mind
5.   Be always ready
6.   Find wisdom in emptiness
7.   Smile, laugh, & play
8.   Commit yourself to growth & renewal
9.   Express usefulness through simplicity 
10. Unleash your power to spring back
Be in the Question 
“What lessons will I take away from the Bamboo this week and 
how will they show up in my life to help me?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am like the Bamboo; strong, yet flexible, resilient and simple.  I take time to slow down, connect to my inner wisdom and still have time 
to laugh, smile and play.” 

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