Learning with a Beginners Mind

Daily Affirmation:  “I allow myself to see the world with ‘fresh eyes’.  Because of this I gain wisdom, knowledge and new information in daily experiences because I choose to see them from a place of a beginner, experiencing them for the first time, in a fresh, new way.” 

When we can take what we know, and do, and see, and feel, and experience each and everyday, and give our perspective a new twist, we can grow in ways that are profound and really exciting.

Try approaching things that are habit, routine and every day activities with a fresh mind set.  Pretend that you are experiencing them for the first time.  Be curious  and be open to exploring new insights that appear, different paths to take, and discover when you choose to look at things with a beginners mind, the world can be a whole, new place to experience.  Be a BEGINNER this week.

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