Lead with Your Heart

Our heart is special place that houses the energy associated with love for ourselves and others, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, transformation and the relationships we have with people and world around us.
When we lead with our hearts, we connect to a beautiful place that bridges and integrates our earthly self and our spiritual self into one.  This is the middle point where the lower 3, and upper 3 Chakras meet and connect.
The act of giving and receiving is ignited at the heart center, and finding balance is the key. We are able to transform limiting beliefs and judgements, with more compassion and acceptance.  The heart gives us a more clear view of the beauty around us and it promotes gratitude and a happier outlook on life.
“Leading with our hearts can help us move into more inner peace, joy and contentment.” 
Give this a try:  Sit for moment is a quiet spot.  Place your hands on your heart and simply say ‘hello’ to your heart Chakra. Begin to take slow deep breath in and out. Now, visualize the color green and breathe that into your heart and slowly exhale that color into the space around you.  Send yourself love and radiate what you are grateful for in this moment.  Continue to connect with your breath and the color green as you do so.  Sit quietly for a few minutes and feel your heart expand.  Take one more deep breath and open your eye when you are ready. Enjoy your ‘heart-opened’ day!
       Live in the Question 
“How can leading with my heart on a daily basis create profound changes with my connection to myself, others and the world around me?”
Positive Affirmation
      “My heart is open and I am full of love and gratitude. I live my life from the heart!”

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