Keep it Real, Stay Calm & Carry On

deep-prayer-1With the election less than a week away, it’s a wonderful time to step into your center and unplug from the mass consciousness of anxiety, fear, anger, chaos and frustration that has been ruminating around us.
I believe that we all have inner guidance and/or tools that we either innately know, or have learned from others along the way.
This is a wonderful opportunity to work with your inner guidance and/or tools to find ways to ‘keep it real, stay calm and carry on’.
No matter the outcome of the election next week, remember that we always have choices.  Choices on how we move forward, react or respond to the changes and shifts that are happening.  
We can choose to be a victim of circumstances or we can choose to be a role model for positive shift, and change.  
When you choose to be a beacon of light that shines outward, this can help others see that this is a possibility as well, which can begin to bridge the gap between the conflicting sides that have been ‘front and center’ in the media and our country as of late.
“Things you resist are things that persist.”  Remember this, and choose to step out of a place of resistance and into a place that is more about allowing and accepting, with a healthy dose of calm mixed in there too!
        Be in the Question 
“How can I radiate from a place of authenticity and that is calm and centered?  What positive impact will this have on the people around me when I choose to keep it real, stay calm and carry on? ” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am consciously choosing to be authentic and real while I connect to my inner guidance that is calm, centered and 
willing to carry on from a place of oneness.”

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