Inner Peace

The video from Lee Harris (that I posted last week), has inspired the focus for this week.
Connecting to our inner peace can have profound effects on our day to day life and activities.
When we consciously ‘shift gears’ we step into a different space that can offer us hope, freedom, and even physical rest and relaxation.
Allow peace to enter your life more freely this week and see if you can consciously choose peace over fear, resistance or fighting. (Remember, these can include letting go of battles with ourselves, not just with other people.)
Here are several questions to get you thinking and feeling from your heart space.
What does inner peace mean to me?  How do I take time to find peace for myself?  What inspires peace to become more apparent in my life?  How can I share peace with others?
Be in the Question 
“How can I connect to inner peace this week?  
What gifts will appear when I do?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am a light of inner peace that shines bright. I am peace!” 

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