Inner Child – It’s Time to Play

We all have multiple layers to ourselves, and the one that we are focusing in this week, is our inner child.
This is the part of us that loves to play, be silly, laugh and express pure joy.
This week we are opening up the toy box and allowing that part of us to come out and be present.
Life can become so serious (if we let it), so having healthy doses of play is so important for your body, mind, spirit and overall well-being.
When we take time to honor all parts of who we are, we feel more balanced and whole.  How will you choose to honor your inner child this week and play?
Be in the Question 
“What will I do to bring in laughter and child-like play this week?  
What benefits will I notice by doing so?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I consciously choose to play, be silly and honor my inner 
child with lots of laughter, celebration and joy.” 

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