Inner Champion



Our Inner Champion’s role is to remind us that we are more powerful and amazing than we perceive.

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are habitual, which means we have the capability to condition the internal response to any situation in our life as they occur, regardless if they are positive or negative thoughts.  What this means is that we ALWAYS have control over the way we think and interpret each situation.

 Our Inner Champion is there to help increase our awareness, find happiness, allow us to be grounded, and connect us to a true sense of belonging.

So . . . get in touch with your Inner Champion and practice quieting your inner critic on a daily basis.

Here are some tools to help you open up to your ‘personal cheerleader’ who supports, accepts, honors and adores who you are.

Ask yourself: “What do I want?”

Make your lifestyle an expression of your values.

Eliminate toxic relationships

Listen to your inner champion when he/she talk to you – acknowledge
that you have gifts, talents, and skills that are so valuable.

Write an intention for yourself everyday

Create a circle of supportive people who love you

Have a wellness routine for yourself that feeds you on all levels

List your requirements for self love (i.e. working out, time alone, being
positive, meditating, time with friends, volunteering, humor, gratitude)

Write down a supportive statement your Inner Champion says to you.
(i.e.  “You got this, you can do anything, you’re amazing, you’re strong.”

     Your Inner Champion has your back!


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