The word ‘healing’ means to make whole.  It’s the process of restoring health, making it sound and /or bringing something to an end or conclusion in order to find wholeness.
What areas of your life are ready to heal?  This could include physically ailments, mental struggles, emotional upsets or spiritual disconnects (to name a few).
As you go through your own individual healing process, ask for guidance, help and assistance along the way.  There are both cosmic and earth angels (people) who are ready and willing to assist you, so be sure to ask for help.  (*Sometimes the act of asking for help can actually be part of our healing process.)
Writing in a journal is another powerful and helpful tool to consider as you step into your healing process this week.  Open yourself to unlimited possibilities!  Helpful Tip:  Allowing and accepting what is, can be the most powerful tool you can use.  
        Be in the Question 
“What am I healing for myself this week?” 
Positive Affirmation
      “I am ready and willing to heal my life on all levels.  I allow and accept what is, in order to open up new possibilities for healing to occur.”

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