Have an Attitude for Gratitude!

When we stop and pause throughout our day to look at what’s right, what’s working and what we are truly grateful for, it gives us space to begin to generate more of the same.
Putting our focus and attention on GRATITUDE opens up parts of us that feel the wholeness and connection to others and our life’s situation, no matter what it looks like.
Gratitude comes from a heart-felt place that is full of peace, love and balance. There are no expectation when being in gratitude, no agendas, just pure thankfulness from the heart!
It’s all about tapping into being thankful and appreciative of people, situations and opportunities in our lives.
Be in the Question 
“How much better can my life get when I have an ‘attitude for gratitude’ on a daily basis?  What will emerge and what will I notice?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am full of gratitude for so much in my life.  
I am thankful each and every day.”

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