Getting Real (part 2)

Week #2 – This second week is about asking for help from others and also sharing your experiences. 
When we open our throat chakra and speak our truth to ourselves and others, there is a powerful and profound activation that occurs.  
Declaration of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas can generate deeper levels of understanding, acceptance, clarity, and communication with ourselves and others.  It can also ignite the manifesting process too.
I invite you to talk to a friend, a family member, email me or share on my Joyful Living FB page some of your amazing ‘Get Real’ experiences along the way.  Owning it and sharing what you’ve learned can be key elements to helping you continue to move forward with momentum, grace and ease!  
Asking for help is also an important aspect that allows for the giving and receiving cycle to flourish.  If this is something that is hard for you to do. . . I suggest giving it a try and practice this along the way.  It’s important to open yourself to receive, as well as give.
And don’t forget to journal each day and write about the synchronicities that appear and the journey of ‘Getting Real with self’.  Remember – writing is a powerful way to manifest!
Be in the Question 
“What personal growth will I experience when I choose to share my ‘Get Real’ 
experience and/or ask for help from others this week?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I speak my truth to myself and others, and it feels so good to honor this 
process of ‘Getting Real’ in this way.” 

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