‘Get Real’ with Yourself (part 1)

I invite you to grab a journal and prepare yourself for a 2 week journey that will take you to places that feed your soul, open your awareness, and bring you insight, messages, new opportunities and new beginnings.
Springtime is all about waking up and blossoming.  This focus is designed to give you some ideas in order to ‘spark a flame’ to get you exploring getting real with yourself on what you want, who you are and what’s important to YOU!
Here are some ideas, suggestions and tips to help you navigate through the next two weeks.
Week #1 –  Have a sit down with yourself.  Get quiet, come within and ask questions. Be still and see what comes to you through your thoughts and intuition.  Be patient, kind and loving during this inward process.  
Here are 7 wonderful ‘Get Real’ questions that you can ask yourself.  (You can address them all at once, or do one per day during week #1)  Journal afterwards and get clear on your thoughts and action steps moving forward.
1.  What am I willing to seek out for myself this week?
2.  What actions will I take during the next 2 weeks to step into my own personal adventure?
3.  What’s truly important to me that I want to ‘expand on’ in my daily life? 
4.  What new opportunities do I want to lean into?
5.  What am I willing to let go of along the way?
6.  What do I want more of in my life?
7.  What do I want less of?
Week #2 – Tune in next week for the second half of this ‘Get’Real’ Adventure.
Be in the Question 
“What am I willing to participate in and create over the next few weeks 
as I ‘Get Real’ with myself?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am open and honest with myself, and I love to explore possibilities 
that align with my essence and inner wisdom.” 

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