Get Out in Nature

There is no doubt that being outside in nature helps us feel better on all levels.  Vitamin D from the sun and energy from the earth provides many healing benefits; from helping us sleep better, to decreasing inflammation in our bodies.
Think about it . . . our ancestors worked so much more with the earth. They walked with bare feet, tended to fields and agriculture, and many times even had dirt floors in their homes. The earth was a huge part of their everyday lives.
In modern times, we have disconnected from the Earth in a lot of ways.  There are many manmade materials that create barriers between us and the earth’s natural energy and flow. Decades of science show the importance of connecting to the Earth to feel and stay healthy.
So this week we are focusing on getting outside and plugging into nature.  Take off your shoes and get your bare feet on the earth itself. This process is actually called ‘Earthing’.  It’s the notion of touching the earth with your bare hands or feet to receive the healing benefits that the Earth naturally provides. 
Let me explain this a bit further. Because of modern day technology including cell phones, computers, satellite dishes, and wifi, we tend to collect up and over-load ourselves with “electromagnetic pollution” which creates a build-up of positive electrons in the cells of our bodies.
When we touch, feel and ground to the Earth, negatively-charged electrons are able to flow through us, bringing balance and harmony to our overloaded systems.  The Earth is a healer and we can gain so much from simply choosing to connect with her. 
*I am actually writing this newsletter outside in my front yard.  My feet are surrounded by grass and I am soaking in all of the benefits Mother Earth provides.  
Your Assignment for the Week:  Plan to get outside everyday this week and put your feet on the earth.  Take off your shoes and enjoy the energy that you will receive from Earthing.  Get creative and find ways to be outside as much as possible.  
Game Changing Earthing Benefits:
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Increases our energy 
  • Reduces pain
  • Supports our adrenals
  • More sound sleep
  • Protects the body from EMFs
  • Promotes relaxation and calm
  • Enhances our natural energetic rhythms 
  • Shortens recovery time after an injury or workout
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches
  • Improves the flow of blood in our bodies 
  • Boosts the immune system and the healing process
  • Reduces positively charged electrons and free radicals 
Be in the Question 
“What powerful and amazing gifts will I receive from Mother Earth this week?  
While I’m Earthing and getting out in nature, what positive benefits am I noticing for myself?”  
Positive Affirmation
      “I am receiving so many healing benefits from the Earth this week, and I feel more balanced, centered and alive because of it.”

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