Full Body Awareness

What’s your physical body up to these days? If it could talk to you, what would it say?Awareness is a key component when listening, adjusting, and supporting your bodies strength, balance, alignment and over all health.Spark and ignite an awareness around your entire body this week.  Check in with your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and other important systems.Ask your body what it needs, see how it’s doing and make positive changes if needed to help bring support.With awareness you can begin to create shifts, adjustments and make different choices that can lead to a happier, healthier body.
Be in the Question:  “How can I bring full body awareness into my every day life? How much better can I feel when I am aware and making good choices?”
Positive Affirmation: “I am aware, awake and fully connected to my amazing body which helps me make positive choices and take really good care of my self in a loving way. “

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